Best 3 Universities in Norway Ranking for international students in 2024

We invite you to discover in this post the top 3 of the Best Universities in Norway Ranking for international students in 2024.

Norway is one of the most popular Nordic countries in Europe and the world for the quality of its universities and its education system.

Indeed, despite that there are very few universities compared to other countries, but its 19 Norwegian universities offer hundreds of study specialties in all fields.

In fact, universities in Norway offer more than 200 study programs.

These study programs are generally taught in the English language.

In addition, every year more and more international students choose Norway as their study destination.

Otherwise, the ranking of these universities is based on their rank at the national and international rank.

Indeed, in each of the universities presented in this article, you will find the following information :

  • Rank in Norway
  • World Ranking
  • Region
  • And finally, official website

To identify the best Norwegian universities, we have based ourselves on the QS World University Rankings for the year 2024.

The QS World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings which comprises the global overall and subject rankings.

Best Universities in Norway

In this part, you will find the best 3 Norwegian university ranking :

  1. University of Oslo
  2. University of Bergen
  3. Norwegian University of Science And Technology

Thus, we invite you to discover more information on these top Norwegian university ranking.

1. University of Oslo

  • Rank in Norway : 1
  • World Ranking : 102
  • Region : Oslo

Go to the official university website

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List of Universities in Norway

2. University of Bergen

  • Rank in Norway : 2
  • World Ranking : 199
  • Region : Bergen

Go to the official university website

3. Norwegian University of Science And Technology

  • Rank in Norway : 3
  • World Ranking : 369
  • Region : Trondheim

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To conclude our article on the ranking of the best universities in Norway, we have identified for you the 3 best Norwegian universities according to the latest QS 2024 ranking.

Indeed, according to this latest ranking, we notice that 2 of the 3 universities are in the top 200 of the best universities in the world.

This ranking can only prove that the quality of Norwegian higher education and the notoriety of its universities.

In addition, if one of these universities interests you, we advise you to contact this university for more information on admission procedures and tuition fees.

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