The list of 31 French Canadian universities

We invite you to find and discover in this article, the list of 31 French Canadian universities for Canadian and foreign students.

Indeed, if you are looking to do university studies in French in Canada, then discover the 31 French universities in Canada.

Moreover, French-speaking universities in Canada teach university programs in French.

In addition, these universities are also in high demand, especially for foreign students from French-speaking countries.

Students from French-speaking countries will thus be able to study in Canada in French.

By the way, you can find French Canadian universities in several regions, namely:

  • Francophone universities in Quebec
  • Francophone universities in Ontario
  • Finally, French-speaking universities outside Quebec

Universities in Canada are considered to be among the best universities in the world.

Moreover, they offer thousands of study programs in all specialties.

In addition, in Canada you can find several types of universities:

  • Public universities in Canada
  • And, private universities in Canada

But, the majority of Canadian universities teach their programs in English languages.

This is why French Canadian universities are in high demand by the French-speaking community.

So, to get an idea of French-speaking Canadian universities, we invite you to find the list of French universities in Canada in the rest of our article.

The list of 31 French Canadian universities

Whether you want to study in a French-speaking institution, here is the list of universities teaching in French:

  1. Bishop’s University
  2. L’University of Alberta
  3. Superior Technology School
  4. ENAP
  5. University of New Brunswick
  6. Polytechnic School of Montreal
  7. HEC Montreal
  8. The University of Winnipeg
  9. Concordia University
  10. National Institute of Scientific Research
  11. University of Ottawa
  12. Montreal university
  13. Sherbrooke University
  14. Saint Paul University
  15. Laurentian University
  16. University of Quebec
  17. University of Quebec at Chicoutimi – UQAC
  18. The University of Quebec in Montreal – UQAM
  19. The University of British Columbia
  20. St. Anne’s University
  21. The University of Quebec in Rimouski – UQAR
  22. University of Sudbury
  23. University of Quebec at Trois Rivières – UQTR
  24. York University
  25. University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue – UQAT
  26. University of Toronto
  27. The University of Quebec in Outaouais – UQO
  28. Laval University
  29. Dominican University College
  30. Royal Military College of Canada
  31. McGill University


Thus, to conclude our article, we have presented for you, the list of 31 French Canadian universities for Canadian and foreign students.

So, you must note that each of its Canadian universities has its own admission requirements.

You must contact the universities directly for more information on registration prices and admission procedures.

In addition, you should note that generally, Canadian universities ask for several documents when applying for registration.

The two most important documents are your CV and your cover letter.

To help you prepare your CV and cover letter, we suggest that you consult the following two sections:

  • resume for students
  • Motivation letter for students

In addition, and as a bonus, we suggest that you read our article on online student jobs , in which we have gathered for you nearly 20 ways to make ends meet as a student!

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