List of 5 Universities in Luxembourg for international students

To study in Luxembourg, you must first have an idea about the list of universities in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has 5 universities : 2 universities, 2 business schools, and one institution dedicated to Public Administration studies.

Furthermore, Luxembourg is home to only one public university (the University of Luxembourg), whichcontain three faculties : medicine, law-economics and human sciences, education and social sciences.

These universities are among best universities in the world.

According to the Times Higher Education ranking, the university of Luxembourg is ranked among the best 200 universities in the world and in the top 20 of the Young University Rankings.

Of course, Luxembourg contains few universities, but the country is one of the most welcoming for students.

The country of Luxembourg is one of the founding countries of the European Union and its capital is Luxembourg-Ville, an entirely cosmopolitan and multicultural city, where it is possible to find more than 170 different nationalities.

Located in the heart of Europe, close to Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands, Luxembourg is also a great place to do your university studies.

Indeed, life is good in Luxembourg! Small country full of contrasts, superb nature and an impressive cultural scene.

So, to study in Luxembourg, do not hesitate to discover in this article the list of universities.

List of 5 Universities in Luxembourg

Discover in this section the complete list of Luxembourg universities for foreign students.

1. University of Luxembourg

2. Lunex University

3. Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

4. Miami University

5. Luxembourg School of Business


So, to conclude our article on Luxembourg universities, we remind you that there are 5 universities in total, including only one public university.

Although the number of universities is limited, you will certainly find the study specialty of your choice.

In addition, do not hesitate to contact the university of your choice for more information.

Thus, by contacting these universities, you will have the possibility to have more information on admission procedures, registration dates and tuition fees.

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