List of 20 Universities in Malaysia for international students

We will introduce you in this article the list of 20 universities in Malaysia for international students.

So, If you want to study in Malaysia you must first have a clear idea of ​​the list of Malaysian universities.

Indeed, if you are an international student and want to study in one of the universities in the world, be it a university in Europe, Universities in North America or Universities in Asia, then you can find the list of Malaysian universities here.

For several years, Malaysia has forged an international reputation in higher education.

Indeed, several universities in Malaysia are among the best universities in the world.

In addition, Malaysian universities offer you the opportunity to acquire international skills at affordable rates.

Moreover, admission to Malaysian universities is relatively straightforward.

It is usually sufficient to attest to the transcripts of previous years of study that you have a good level of English.

Indeed, universities in Malaysia offer hundreds of study programs in all fields and are generally taught in English.

In addition, one of the advantages of studying in Malaysia is that the international student has the possibility of obtaining international degrees at very affordable costs.

Moreover, for each Malaysian university, you will find its name a link to the official website of the university.

By the way, you can visit the official website of the university of your choice to have more information on the specialties it offers.

List of Universities in Malaysia

We will present to you in this part the following List of 20 Malaysian universities :

  1. International Islamic University Malaysia
  2. University of Technology Malaysia
  3. MARA University of Technology
  4. National University of Malaysia
  5. Northern University of Malaysia
  6. Sultan Idris Education University
  7. Sultan Zainal Abidin University
  8. Technical University of Malaysia
  9. Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia
  10. University of Malaya
  11. University of Malaysia, Kelantan
  12. Islamic Science University of Malaysia
  13. University of Malaysia, Pahang
  14. University of Malaysia, Perlis
  15. Putra University of Malaysia
  16. University of Malaysia, Sabah
  17. University of Malaysia, Sarawak
  18. National Defence University of Malaysia
  19. University of Malaysia, Terengganu
  20. University of Science Malaysia


So, to conclude our article on Malaysian universities, we remind you that there 20 universities in Malaysia.

Indeed, do not hesitate to contact the university of your choice for more information.

Thus, by contacting these universities, you will have the possibility to have more information on admission procedures, registration dates and tuition fees.

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